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Examples of operational systems

Turning data into decision-making opportunity

Have a look at some of these examples of operational systems. Are they inspiring you with ideas for your business? Get in touch with us.

Resource Planning Platform

The client required a platform to be accessed by all its Australian operations within a short period of time. This moved them forward from multiple disparate spreadsheets. This was whilst they were waiting for several years; for the next big business platform to be introduced.

They experienced results immediately in a powerful way. This was after a very short development and implementation stage (<2 months). Clearer and more powerful illustration of outcomes improved facilitation of the planning process. It also gave new rigor to the administration of their planning decisions.

It was accessible from anywhere, as a cloud-based solution. However, it was as secure as any other platform in the organisation; forming part of a private network . Being a customised platform meant it was easy to use. The administrative setup promoted better administration of planning decisions, ensuring one version of the truth.